The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about...

I create handcrafted pens.
Bespoke · Artisanal · One of a Kind

I create custom ordered pens, bottle openers, wine stoppers, along with a variety of other similar projects. I can work with woods, resins, and hybrids; I can sometimes find historic wood, such as from a movie set; I can incorporate your words, symbols, and even photos.

The Details

About My Work

Why should you choose me to craft your perfect pen?

Hand Made

Each pen is lovingly hand-crafted and I do my best to source my materials from other artists. Your appreciation also goes to all the other artists.


I only make one pen at a time, and I won't copy another artist or even myself. Each pen is as unique as its buyer.

Elegant Works of Art

Each piece I create should be able to be displayed as a work of art on its own. But be sure you don't leave it there too long.

Everyday Tools

Though they can be displayed, they are also meant to be used. They will stand up to day-to-day use, while still retaining their beauty.

Live in the Moment

Appreciate the now. Get a gift for yourself or a friend that can be admired and appreciated now and for the rest of their lives.

Support Local Businesses

Though we may not be local to you, supporting small businesses helps enrich all our communities. All my materials are from small businesses too.

The Endorsements
Sparkly blue pen with Deathly Hallows symbol and Harry Potter wood on antique silver.

Ryan Wilson

My Yetti pen feels great in my hand; it is solid and well put together. I love that the wood used came from the Harry Potter Great Hall set.

Ryan Wilson
Click pen made with lightly colored wood with light brown grain, set on chrome hardware.

Sean MacDuff

Pens with a story as intriguing as the stories they’re used to write.

Sean MacDuff
Bethlehem olivewood pen with gunmetal hardware.

John Poundstone

Gorgeous. Special. Functional. Heirloom-ish. Superb craftsmaship. In short, great.

John Poundstone
Pens By Yetti