Handmade Pens

Examples of my work.

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Many of these are available, and I am always open for custom orders.

chrome click pen with coffee beans embedded in white resin

Coffee Bean Click

Ballpoint (Parker) - Resin

24k gold with victorian embellishments, paired with a deep red bloodwood

24k Gold Victorian with Bloodwood

Ballpoint (Parker) - Wood

click pen with racing checkered flag body with gunmetal shifting mechanism

Racing Flag on Gunmetal

Ballpoint (Parker) - Resin, Story

chrome twist pen with brown lotus pod embedded in purple, blue, and silver resin

Purple and Blue Lotus Pod

Ballpoint (Cross) - Resin

capped black, purple, and silver resin pen with embedded alligator jawbone

Alligator Jawbone with Purple and Silver on Gunmetal

Rollerball - Resin

dark maple wood with black veins on a pirate themed bolt-action body

Pirate Bolt Action with Spalted Maple

Ballpoint (Parker) - Wood

pinecone embedded in blue and green swirling resin, with gold hardware

Green and Blue Rollerball with Embedded Pinecone

Rollerball - Resin

bright red, ridged padauk pen with chrome twist hardware

Ridged Padauk on Chrome

Ballpoint (Cross) - Wood

dark red, bulbous padauk pen with chrome twist hardware

Bulbous Padauk on Chrome

Ballpoint (Cross) - Wood

heavily figured olivewood twist pen on gunmetal and gold hardware

Bethlehem Olivewood on Gunmetal

Ballpoint (Cross) - Wood, Story

tight grained pine rollerball pen on rhodium hardware with dodger's paint along one side

Rhodium Rollerball with Dodger Stadium Wood

Rollerball - Wood, Story

dark figured oak pen with gunmetal and chrome twist

Cursed Devil's Tree Twist with Gunmetal

Ballpoint (Cross) - Wood, Story

very thick chrome click pen with medium oak with large black spot

Cursed Devil's Tree Click with Chrome

Ballpoint (Parker) - Wood, Story

mostly blue and green swirled resin pen with capped antique silver hardware

Blue, Green, and Gold Swirl Rollerball on Antique Silver

Rollerball - Resin

blue and white ocean themed resin with dark burl coastline on nautical brass hardware twist pen

Beach-inspired Hybrid on Antique Brass Nautical Hardware

Ballpoint (Parker) - Resin, Wood

twist pen with white antler on figured bocote, displayed horizontally

Antler and Bocote Twist on Gunmetal

Ballpoint (Cross) - Wood

maple burl with crushed amethyst on antique brass

Amethyst and Maple on Antique Brass

Ballpoint (Parker) - Resin

multi-colored swirled resin on black and gold capped hardware

Swirled Resin on Black and Gold

Rollerball - Resin

chrome and black twist pen, wrapped in maple burl with blue edging and white fill

Maple Burl with Blue and White on Black and Chrome

Ballpoint (Parker) - Wood, Resin

knurled chrome twist pen with layered fordite

Fordite on Knurled Chrome Twist

Ballpoint (Cross) - Resin

antique silver pen with curly maple and shiny red resin, with decorative swirl on pen clip

Retro Fountain with Maple Burl and Red Resin

Fountain - Resin, Wood

bright purple swirling resin with gold hardware

Swirling Purple Panache

Rollerball - Resin

Pens By Yetti